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The Snorri Björns Podcast Show

Aug 25, 2021

Anníe Mist vann sér inn medalíu á CrossFit Games 2021, 10 mánuðum eftir barnsburð. Ótrúleg frammistaða eftir áratug í sportinu rakin, hugmyndin um að sleppa þessum heimsleikum bara, ákvörðunin að eignast barn, fjárhagur crossfittara, konur eru ekki litlir menn, hvernig konur eiga að nærast/æfa öðruvísi en karlar og margt fleira.


Dave Castro, framkvæmdastjóri CrossFit Games:

People are too casual about the fact that Annie has been competing at the CrossFit Games since 2009. Someday, someone will write a book about the dizzying evolution of the sport that has occurred since then.

In the meantime, you can learn everything you need to know by looking at Annie’s stats over the last 13 years—of all the OG competitors she is the only one still competing; a perennial contender in the new era she literally helped create.


The physical and mental fortitude required to remain at the top of this sport for so long is hard to comprehend. The relatively short individual careers of Rich Froning (5 years) and Mat Fraser (7 years)—universally regarded as the best ever—provide some perspective. Annie, has outlasted them both.

That she is returning to the Games for the eleventh time just 10 months after giving birth is, if not an outright flex, certainly a message: CrossFit’s original Dottir isn’t done redefining what’s possible.